Why are we running this programme?

For the past three years we have run an ‘Introduction to web 2.0’ session as part of our internal staff development programme.  This has been very well attended and received much positive feedback regarding its usefulness as an awareness-raising activity.  However, as the session is one based solely on demonstration, with no hands-on element, the most common feedback has been that practical sessions would be beneficial.

To fully cover the number of technologies available, and allow staff to get the best experience in using them means an additional one-off hands-on workshop would be unlikely to meet these needs.  A completely programme allowing library staff to learn about the use and application of a wide range of tools is much more appropriate (and fun!)

How does it work?

Each week we will focus on a different technology, and you, as a participant will use tools such as blogs and instant messaging to participate in the programme.

On Friday afternoons the Learning 2.0 team will post the activities for the following week and email a reminder to all participants. These will generally consist of an introduction to the technology of the week, a number of activities and some follow up reading if you are interested.   You do not have to complete all of the activities each week – we ask that you at least complete the basic task/s and if you have time and/or are interested please also do the extended tasks.

Your reflective blog

A key feature of the programme is for you to create your own blog.  We will do this in the opening workshop on Thursday 24th July.  If you cannot attend the workshop you will be able to follow instructions available on the blog.

Each week you will be expected to post an entry of between 100 and 150 words.  Things to think about include what you thought of that weeks technology, what you learned and whether or not you think it would be appropriate in a work context (whether personally or as a part of the services we provide).  There are no right or wrong answers!

Please remember, this is a work related blog, so do not post anything that is inappropriate. As is the nature of a blog it is available for anyone to read (both within the Library and outside the College).

There will be links to all of the programme participant’s blogs from this blog.


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