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Week 10: Gaming and virtual worlds

Welcome to Week 10: Gaming and virtual worlds.  This week we will be taking a look at gaming and virtual worlds.

Please note, you can choose to look at gaming or virtual worlds – you do not need to explore both of them.

1. Gaming

Due to the focus of this week’s workshop being virtual worlds and Second Life, we ask that you do some exploring of your own on the topic of gaming and libraries.

Some good starting points are:

Jenny Levine – the Shifted Librarian and her presentations wiki

When ‘Digital natives go to the library

The McMaster University Learning 2.0 @ Mac week on Gaming and Virtual Environments

Or, with all of the knowledge you have gained so far on the programme – why don’t you do some research of your own?

2. Virtual worlds and Second Life

The content we cover in the workshop is all you need to look at and do for this part of the topic.

Remember, you can view all of the links referred to in the presentation via @

or via the PDF file Virtual worlds and second life reading and links


Week 1: Instant messaging (IM)

To enable you all to have an additional means of communicating both with each other as well as with us, the Learning 2.0 team we will be teaching you how to use MSN web messenger.

To use MSN web messenger, you need to have set up your own hotmail account (see the pre-workshop preparation post on this blog).

Step by step instructions to using MSN Web Messenger

1. Go to the URL

2. Click on Start MSN Web Messeneger

3. Type in your hotmail/live email address and your password and click on Sign In – the MSN Web Messenger window should appear

4. The first step is to look for people you know – those of you who do not make it to the workshop we will circulate details of people’s email addresses

5. Click on Add a contact and type in an email address to the window that appears.  They should now be added to your contacts list.

6. To send an instant message, click on a contacts name – as long as they are online a message box should appear.  Click in the bottom box, type your message and click on send.

Further reading

Spanbauer, S. (2004) Internet tips: A grown-up’s guide to instant messaging. [Online] Available from [Accessed 24th July 2008]

Pre-workshop preparation

Some of you probably already have a hotmail account, but if you don’t we ask that before you attend next Thursday’s opening workshop, that you please set up a hotmail/live email account.

To do this, go to: and click on sign up/sign in on the right hand side.  Then click on Sign up and follow the instructions.

If you have any problems, please Email the Learning 2.0 team

Welcome to the programme!

Welcome to our Learning 2.0 programme.

Just a reminder that our opening workshop is running on Thursday the 24th July from 3.30pm – 5pm in the Level 1 Training room 1 in the Central Library, South Kensington campus.

Please do let us know if you can/cannot make it if you haven’t already done so.

Email the Learning 2.0 team

To find out more about the programme see our About page and our FAQs page.