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Social networking sites: Activities

Ok, this weeks activities are fairly straightforward.  The second one is optional.

1. Set up an account with Ning and join the Learning 2.0 Ning network

Create your own page.  Try to build in some features you have discovered so far in the Learning 2.0 programme.  You will receive an invitation to join the network via your hotmail address.

7 things you should know about Ning

2. Create a Twitter account and tweet for a week (Optional activity)

Twitter is a social networking site (that is also referred to as a microblogging service) that enables you to update your contacts on what you are doing at any moment in time.  It works in a very similar way to your status update in Facebook.

In this activity you are asked to post updates for a week and find some people to follow.  Try different ways of using Twitter – from your personalised homepage (e.g. Netvibes), from your phone, from your desktop or from a Twitter client.

What is Twitter and is there any reason I should care?

Twitter in plain English from Commoncraft

As a start to this activity try following Jenny – you can find her via email ( or by her username jennye


Week 1: Instant messaging (IM)

To enable you all to have an additional means of communicating both with each other as well as with us, the Learning 2.0 team we will be teaching you how to use MSN web messenger.

To use MSN web messenger, you need to have set up your own hotmail account (see the pre-workshop preparation post on this blog).

Step by step instructions to using MSN Web Messenger

1. Go to the URL

2. Click on Start MSN Web Messeneger

3. Type in your hotmail/live email address and your password and click on Sign In – the MSN Web Messenger window should appear

4. The first step is to look for people you know – those of you who do not make it to the workshop we will circulate details of people’s email addresses

5. Click on Add a contact and type in an email address to the window that appears.  They should now be added to your contacts list.

6. To send an instant message, click on a contacts name – as long as they are online a message box should appear.  Click in the bottom box, type your message and click on send.

Further reading

Spanbauer, S. (2004) Internet tips: A grown-up’s guide to instant messaging. [Online] Available from [Accessed 24th July 2008]

Pre-course survey and slides from opening workshop

For those of you not attending this afternoon’s opening workshop, could you please complete this pre-course survey and email it to the Learning 2.0 team before you start the programme?

Email the Learning 2.0 team

Pre-course survey

And here is the powerpoint presentation for the opening workshop