Week 10: Gaming and virtual worlds

Welcome to Week 10: Gaming and virtual worlds.  This week we will be taking a look at gaming and virtual worlds.

Please note, you can choose to look at gaming or virtual worlds – you do not need to explore both of them.

1. Gaming

Due to the focus of this week’s workshop being virtual worlds and Second Life, we ask that you do some exploring of your own on the topic of gaming and libraries.

Some good starting points are:

Jenny Levine – the Shifted Librarian and her presentations wiki

When ‘Digital natives go to the library

The McMaster University Learning 2.0 @ Mac week on Gaming and Virtual Environments

Or, with all of the knowledge you have gained so far on the programme – why don’t you do some research of your own?

2. Virtual worlds and Second Life

The content we cover in the workshop is all you need to look at and do for this part of the topic.

Remember, you can view all of the links referred to in the presentation via del.icio.us @


or via the PDF file Virtual worlds and second life reading and links


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